Global Trends

The below graphs provide an overview of the state of both GO and GOA over its history.

Count of distinct genes with GO annotations over all GOA editions.
Monthly counts of distinct terms existing in GO (excludes obsolete terms).

The below graphs provide more detailed metrics about how genes have been annotated over the history of GOA.

Where present the following colour definitions apply:

Direct: Counts only those terms that are directly annotated to the gene.

Inferred: Counts both directly annotated terms and those inferred from the transitive properties of GO.

Average size of the set of terms annotated to a gene.

Average size of the set of genes annotated with a specific term.

Average multifunctionality of a gene as measured by Gillis and Pavlidis, 2011.

Average semantic similarity of the set of annotated GO terms for a gene when compared to its GO term set from different editions. Comparisons are made from previous editions to the most current edition.